Serra Soldadura is a holding company of a group of manufacturers of industrial goods related to assembly and welding technology for the automotive and general industry. The company operates in three areas: special welding products, standard welding products and installations for the aeronautics sector.

Special products are mainly automatic systems tailored for welding body-in-white subsets and auxiliary elements, applying flexible solutions to assembly and welding processes. Standard products include spot-, seam- and projection-welding machines, manual and robotic welding pincers, transformers and electronic welding controls and cabinets for alternating current and medium frequency.

After decades promoting the development of new products and applications, SERRA currently owns own cutting-edge technology and is a pioneer in implementing systems that enhance business process automation techniques.

Its leadership in its field of activity is based on the following characteristics:

  • Technological expertise

  • Quality of service

  • High-level project management

  • Competitive pricing

  • R&D

Serra’s evolution is closely linked to constant innovation through the various multidisciplinary R&D teams working permanently in the continuous development of new technologies in the field of resistance welding and automation of assembly processes.

The managing directors of SERRA SOLDADURA, S.A. understand quality as the most important factor to be competitive. The company is engaged in an ongoing program of Total Quality, which extends to all its activities and is understood and applied by all their human resources to ensure that their products and services meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

Our products have a strong reputation in international markets for their advanced technology, reliability and security and they are qualified by industries as demanding as aeronautics or the automotive industry.

Serra Soldadura’s facilities include a fully equipped laboratory where tests to facilitate compliance with the highest standards of quality are performed.

SERRA’s products and processes have also been recognized and qualified by the most prestigious European car and component manufacturers, and SERRA has been awarded various accolades and prizes as a supplier of quality.


1.- SERRA SOLDADURA assumes Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety’s management as a part of the corporative responsibility gained from the Customers and the rest of the interested parties, and the commitment on Excellence, Continuous Improvement, the Prevention of injures and the deterioration of the Health and Environment Protection. As a consequence, Organization is oriented to satisfy needs of the interested parties and it assures to comply the compliance of the legislation and applicable regulation or another subscribed by the Organization.

2.- The SERRA SOLDADURA Directorate assumes, as a business strategy, the leadership in the development of a model of management towards Excellence. Consequently are promoted the development of leaders who take responsibility of the challenges facing the Organization.

3.- The working method is based on the advanced planning model for the prevention of deviations, execution, verification of results and the re-adjustment of methods and procedures when necessary, using the PDCA cycles as the basis of the Continuous improvement of the Organization.

4.- The Management System is conveniently structured on a Process approach Management with an adequate identification of the key processes for the performance of the Organization and the evaluation of the associated risks.

5.- The Environmental Management System is oriented towards the Prevention of Pollution, promoting the efficient use of natural resources and the minimization of waste.

6.- Commonly agreed objectives are established, according to the strategy of the Organization and with the criticality of the evaluated risks, which are related to adequate indicators to determine their efficiency and effectiveness.

7.- Training is promoted at all levels within the Organization, the development of people’s potential to involve them and make them participate in a common project and the awareness and the consolidation of a culture based on Quality, Safety, on respect for Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.

8.- Communication and participation systems are established to facilitate the information and to involve staff in the improvement of policies, objectives and achievements of the Organization.

9.- The establishment of stable links with customers, suppliers and other companies are promoted, based on trust and mutually beneficial relationships.

10.- Those initiatives of traction oriented to promote in SERRA SOLDADURA’s environment the development of a culture based on Quality, on respect for Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, are fully supported.

ISO 9001 Certificate: Quality

ISO 14001 Certificate: Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility Seal, Ecovadis platform evaluation

September 2017


Aeronautics company Aernnova acquired 100% of the shares of the Serra Group.


Introduction of 1000 Hz Medium Frequency electronic controls in the complete range of resistance welding.


Implementation of Lean Production System in the Zona Franca production facilities in Barcelona.


Creation of the Serra Aeronautics Division, which aims to provide automation solutions for the aerospace sector.


Consolidation of international expansion with the creation of subsidiaries in France, Portugal and Brazil, as well as an extensive network of representatives in all five continents.


Design and manufacture of the first large automated lines. First international contracts.


Serra Soldadura S.A. is created as a holding company of the Serra Group, consisting of various companies engaged in engineering and process automation.


Aplicaciones Eléctricas Serra, specializing in the design and manufacture of both standard and special resistance and arc welding machines, is founded.


The Serra family started production of arc welding equipment and industrial furnaces in a small workshop in Barcelona.

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