Project Description

Adaptive control system of welding spots

Smart control for ensuring the quality of welding from a pre-set pattern. Use of measurements of current and voltage during welding to mathematically generate the dynamic resistance curve.

Two WISE Control modes:

  • WISE-Adapt: adaptive welding control through dynamically varying the welding current only.
  • WISE-Synergic: adaptive welding control through dynamically varying the parameters of welding current and time.

Aided by the CPC-Connect software communication application:

  • Graphical diagnosis of deviation of welding quality in time in a given program (useful so that preventive maintenance activities can be performed in welding equipment to avoid down time)
  • Graphical representation of the most representative variables of the process in time

  • Saves all curves of all welding programs using history daily or weekly files, resulting in the total traceability of the process